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The weather in Sevilla

Prepare your trip knowing the weather forecast in Seville. Find the best hotel and your flight and enjoy this beautiful city.

How is the weather in Seville

Seville is one of the cities with more hours of sunshine throughout Spain, in particular are 2929 sunshine hours a year. This makes that it is likely that the weather in Seville when you come into your trip is good.

As for temperatures, they can be very high in summer and reach 40 ° C, although the rest of the year are maintained in a temperate climate. For example, the average temperature in Seville is 18.6 ° c.

It hardly rains in Seville during the months of May to September, being the wettest months November and December, although they are few days in which the rain is intense.

As you can see the weather in Seville it is very good so you won't have to worry about much by it if you come to sightsee. That Yes, check the data and choose the best clothes.