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Cathedral of Seville

Cathedral of Seville

The Cathedral of Seville, officially called the Cathedral of Santa Maria of the headquarters is the world’s largest Gothic Cathedral and is next to the Alcazar, the General Archive of the Indies and the Giralda, one of the monuments of the city that lies within the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The temple is located on the site of the former mosque of Seville Aljama, building that was demolished by the Christians to begin the construction of the Cathedral during the 15th century, work that would culminate not completely in 1.593. Thanks to the long period of construction, we can appreciate different architectural styles, mainly Renaissance and Gothic, as well as Muslim mudejar art in the Patio de los Naranjos (old courtyard of ablutions of the Mosque) and the Giralda (former minaret that makes Bell function).

The Cathedral of Seville is a spectacular temple where we can find countless surprises as the tomb of Cristóbal Colón, Fernando III el Santo or call big custody, officially Blessed Sacrament an imposing work of silver that procession through the streets of Seville every year to 60 days of Domingo de Resurrección.

In addition, inside the temple can be seen to chancel, choir, the chapel of the alabaster, the organ and the tomb of Cristóbal Colón. Its exterior highlights the cover of baptism, that of the assumption, the San Miguel and the of the Prince, and the Iglesia del Sagrario, which is a temple built into the Cathedral.

Next to your interior visit must not stroll through its surroundings, enjoying the spectacular view of its porticoes and the Coronations of its facades. The sense of showmanship from different angles will undoubtedly generate a unique memory in the minds of the visitors.

How to view the Cathedral of Seville

Schedules to see the Cathedral of Seville:

  • Winter opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11’00 h a 17’30 h; Sunday 14 ‘ 30 h a 18’30 h.
  • Summer (July and August): Monday to Saturday from 9’30 h a 16’30 h; Sunday 14 ‘ 30 h a 18’30 h.

Prices to see the Cathedral of Seville:

  • General admission: €8.
  • Reduced input * €2: pensioners and students up to 25 years.
  • Free admission *: natives or residents in the Diocese of Seville, children under 15 years accompanied by an adult, disabled and a companion, and unemployed.

* Proving it through official document.

For more information consult the website of the Cathedral in

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