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Basilica of la Macarena in Seville

Basilica of la Macarena in Seville

Popularly known as the “Basílica de la Macarena”, this Catholic temple houses the most representative image of the Semana Santa de Sevilla, the lady called Maria Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena which along with our father Jesus of the sentence makes the station the morning of good Friday penance. The passage of this Christ performed his departure escorted by a century of Romans dressed in armor and red velvet.

History of the basilica of la Macarena

He was the Archbishop of the city by then, Pedro Segura y Sáenz who in 1941 blessed the land and laid the first stone of the building. Completed in 1949 and blessed month of March by the same Archbishop. This temple obtained the dignity of minor Basilica by Pope PabloVI becoming the first Seville Church in flaunting this dignity.

This single-nave building has four side chapels. It notably both the roof and the dressing rooms of the Macarena and the sentence, as well as the Altar of la Hispanidad, altarpiece that emerged from the brotherhood to thank the American people the amount of aid for the beautification of the Basilica. In the paintings of the Ibero-American patrons are arranged.

Legends of the basilica of la Macarena

Surrounding this famous brotherhood and above all, the famous carving of the Virgin, we find numerous legends that circulate in the city.

For example which has its arrival at the temple. The author of the carving is today completely unknown. The story of a merchant from Italy that stopped in Seville road to America circulates through all the Andalusian capital. Once in the Seville port the merchant willing to embark began to be wrong and decided to go to a hospital. Useless were the care of nuns that they tried to heal him since shortly after the man died, and not being able to find his family since the merchant came from Italy, the nuns were in charge of their possessions. No embargoes they were not many, just had a pouch that being open turned out to be an angelic size cover which was going to be sold in the new world. By the entire neighborhood ran the rumor of the great discovery that the nuns of the hospital had been found and this was nothing more and nothing less than the current bust of la Esperanza Macarena.

La Esperanza Macarena

Despite everything, the largest and most well-known legend that is spoken when it says “Macarena” is the following, which appeared in the newspaper “La Andaluza”. A journalist has, he watched the season of penance of the brotherhood when, approaching the palio of the Virgin a countryman who celebrated the holiday by drowning in alcohol, left a bar to observe such image. Without notice this threw the glass of nearly empty wine he carried in his right hand toward the figure with such accuracy that hit the cheek of the Virgin. Also ensures that years later could recognize the aggressor’s image wearing the Nazarene tunic and accompanying image. This legend would justify the damage that can be seen on his left cheek.

Without a doubt, this basilica both images which houses are must-see before leaving Seville since unveil the most characteristic and deep in the city: its traditions and passion.

How to see the basilica of the Macerena

Best time to visit the basilica of the Macarena:

Monday to Saturday from 9 to 14 and from 17 to 21 hours; Sundays and bank holidays from 9.30 to 14 hours and from 17 to 21 hours.

You can also contact the basilica of la Esperanza Macarena on + 34 954 901 800.

Price of the visit to the basilica of the Macarena:


Hotels near basilica of the Marcarena

If you come to visit Sevilla can find accommodation near the basilica of the Macarena and make the most of this passion, especially in during Holy week.

The best images of the Basilica de la Macarena

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