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Luis Merlo, Alex O'Dogherty and Iñaki Miramón embodied the three characters of 'Art' of the French author Yasmina Reza

The actors Luis Merlo, Alex O'Dogherty and Iñaki Miramón embody the three protagonists of the work of the French author Yasmina Reza art, an "acid" portrait of friendship that will visit the Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville since morning and until the day, February 1, directed by Eduardo Recabarren.

At a press conference, Merlo, accompanied by the director of the Teatro Lope de Vega, Antonio Álamo, has considered a 'gift' visit the Seville campus with art, the work of a living author "most represented of history".

Merlo returns to the stage from Seville 16 years after playing Ivan, the element "neutral and conciliatory" in the "trilogy of friendship" formed together with O'dogherty and Miramon. The "idolatry" to which Iñaki Miramón embodies acquires a contemporary canvas "expensive" only painted with white pigments, Act which opposes O'dogherty, to resist the "novelty and surprise that reigns in the world of art, to understand that the surprise is nothing but dead born", explained the actor. In the middle is the neutral Merlo, who will try to mediate between the two sides.

In addition to reviewing the "fragility" of friendship, art poses the Viewer "is what truly matters in the art world or extrapolation, the world in general: the law of truth or the talent or the money that buys the talent". "Pushes to reflect what is most important: make good theatre, cinema, television or make things useless and empty but signed by persons of prestige or name", he added.

The text of Reza joins Assembly directed by Recabarren powered a"brutal", which offers the "newness" of being piloted by a generation of young actors that bring "tremendous vitality" to the scene. According to the actor, Recabarren wanted from the outset that, as well as the friendship that has been created on the three actors in the dressing rooms "a theatrical friendship generate so that had something to lose", because otherwise "the discourse on art would be too rational for a text that is as passionate as the Reza".