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Sold out tickets at the Olympic Stadium for the Madonna concert

Sold out tickets at the Olympic Stadium for the Madonna concert

By on Jan 10, 2015 in Concerts | 0 comments

The price of tickets ranges from 68 to the 326 euros | Since the first hour, a huge queue of fans waited at the gates of the FNAC, impatient for acquiring your entrance

Tickets for the central zone which will be set up at the Olympic Stadium in Seville on the occasion of the concert to Madonna held on the aforementioned grounds the next day, September 16, have been exhausted already this morning in all points of sale in the country, both in the distribution channels of FNAC Urende centers.

These same sources have explained that these localities, which went on sale at a unique price of 96 euros, have been "higher demand" that other entries, as its acquisition will witness the concert as closely as possible on the stage in an area of restricted access, the so-called 'Front Barricade'. -On the other hand, the number of people awaiting tail in the aforementioned establishment of the Avenida de la Constitución has been reduced significantly to first thing in the afternoon regarding the influx of this morning, "which has been massive," with tails that drooped from the Plaza Nueva to the height of the Cathedral.

Tickets for the concert are on sale from the 10.00 at FNAC Centre of Seville as well as in all the establishments of the sales networks of FNAC and Urende of the entire Spanish territory. -According to a statement from FNAC, the ticket price ranges from 68 euro for the cheapest entry and 326 euros of entry into the VIP box, area for which also gets to sale one cheaper, in particular from 266 euros. This increase of six euros in prices with respect to those offered yesterday by the promoter of the concert in Spain, Doctor Music – 62 euros the cheapest and 150 more face, has announced-, responds to the charge of of Ticktackticket.

Safety device

In order to meet the demand for tickets, FNAC has launched the special device assigned to this type of event a boost of security personnel that will ensure, as you pointed out, that compliance with the order in the queue and respect for shifts that are established as expected massive assistance similar to what happened in Valencia for the concert that will give singer in the capital of the Turia on September 18.

For this reason, FNAC announced that customer service department will double the number of workers in box in order to expedite the process of purchase of tickets.