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It is the best example of the artisan baking preserved for centuries inside the convents and monasteries from Seville.

The Sisters of closing have taken the Gothic Hall of the Real Alcázar with its XXVII exhibition of sweets of the convents of closure, which attended by 19 monasteries of Seville and province with its more than hundred specialities.

Tradition and innovation meet at these devout counters. Handmade nougat, pestiños, Seville cakes, alfajores, coconut, egg yolks, polvorones, and doughnuts are some of the products that you can buy at a reasonable price, and presented in boxes labeled with its ingredients, all natural and made by hand.


Among the novelties of this edition highlights the whole tomatoes sweet candied orange cakes from the Sisters of our Lady of help, Santa Inés breadrolls, the convent of Santa Paula, original recipe of the Franciscan convent of Assisi and the castanoles.

But to enjoy these products we are contributing, in addition, to the economic sustainability of these religious communities.

Source of income

Many orders have few economic resources, so it opted for sale to the public of those sweets that have developed historically, very valued by the public, and which has now become their main source of income.

"We have audience from everywhere," explained Claudia Rodríguez, responsible for organizing the gastronomic event yesterday. "The people of Seville are very aware of the poor state of our convents," he added. The exhibition will remain open until December 8 in uninterrupted hours from 10.00 to 19.00.



Virginia Alseda

"Coming to Seville from Barcelona, I learned about exposure and thought that it had to come to see him. Everything seems fine, even the price".

Jesus María Alonso

"This is the first time I come and I bought everything. I have filled the pantry for Christmas. There are a variety of products."

Jesus Contreras

"I have two baskets of products. Buy here because we need to help the convents that are happening fatal and don't have money".

Consuelo Martin

"Everything is very rich, but what I like the most are the yolks of San Leandro." I come expressly from Madrid to buy sweets".