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The square of Spain in Seville

The square of Spain in Seville

Spain’s Seville square is one of the most representative of the city Seville monuments since its beauty has led her to be part of the backdrop for movies such as Star Wars Episode II, Lawrence of Arabia, the wind and the lion, or the dictator and the likes of game of Thrones series. The work of the architect Aníbal González was planned as the culmination to the Ibero-American exposition of 1929 which held the city.

The semicircular complex is virtually surrounded by María Luisa Park, so it is easier to enjoy a walk through the huge square without buildings or vehicles in the alerrededores. Visitors can find a channel that runs along the Plaza of Spain, whose course follows a one series of tiles with all the Spanish provinces. When you enter from the main entrance you will discover a spectacular view with an imposing fountain opposite the main building, flanked by galleries that follow the line of a water channel with three bridges, until you reach the lateral towers, while leaving behind Yes Grand María Luisa Park.

If the visitor walks bordering the channel you can enjoy the most exquisite tiles topped by busts of illustrious Spanish.

History of Spain’s square

The idea of the construction of the Plaza of Spain begins on a date as early as 1911, year in which the contest was filed. However, his work did not begin until 1914.

It was a pharaonic project, which came to work 1000 workers at the same time, in addition to the participation of other professionals of renown as Luis José of Casso and Aurelio Gómez Millán.

The majestic building is inaugurated after more than one decade of work in 1928. The beauty of the work, once finished, was such that impressed itself King Alfonso XIII, who was also very attentive to the progress of the works.

In the central hall of the Plaza of Spain were the headquarters of the captaincy General of the military region South (II), of greater importance within the Peninsula.

As main and most emblematic of the Ibero-American exposition of 1929 building hosted the opening ceremony. Also worth mentioning, that being the headquarters of captaincy, it is the place where every January 6 is celebrated the Easter military parade.

Other uses of the square of Spain

In addition to housing the headquarters of captaincy, Plaza of Spain houses other institutions in their different pavilions such as the delegation of the Government, the military museum and the Guadalquivir hydrographic Confederation.

How to view the square of Spain

Schedules of the Plaza of Spain

  • Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 22:00.

Prices to see the Plaza of Spain

  • Free and open access.

Hotels near the The square of Spain

Find the best hotels near the plaza of Spain, very close to the Centre and easy to park. In addition, you’ll be close to places such as the María Luisa Park or the entire environment of the Ibero-American exposition of 1929.

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