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Church of El Salvador

Church of El Salvador

Baroque jewel in Seville

The Church of El Salvador, in Seville is a temple of Roman Catholic worship that is located in the heart of Seville. It was built between 1674 and 1712 and belongs to the Baroque style.

History of the Church of El Salvador

The Church of El Salvador was built on ruins of temples of times Roman, Visigothic, and Muslim, which can be seen today thanks to the excavations carried out in the own courtyard of the temple. Thus, it is located on the site occupied the Caliphate mosque of Ibn Adabbas of great importance in everyday life for the people. So much so that when the Christians conquered Seville, allowed keep its use as a mosque for a while. This privilege was extended until 1340, when it becomes the parish of el Salvador.

It was awarded in the 17TH century the character of collegiate church so he could continue being the second temple of the city (currently continues to be the largest church after the Cathedral of Seville), holding its religious use until the great deterioration prevented it. Thus, in 1674 began construction of which we know today as the Church of El Salvador.

However in the 19th century through its worst since that loses the funds that allowed him to keep the temple after the alienation and, after the Concordat of 1851, the nature of collegiate retires you. Although it has undergone other restorations, 2003 (which ended in 2008) has been which has really returned splendor to the temple. King Juan Carlos I de Borbón participated in the reopening.

It is currently considered one of the most representative of the city churches, and they are different reasons that have led it to achieve such fame. Among them we can highlight:

  •  The excellent position of the Church of el Salvador:

Own in Seville are the watchmen that can sit to enjoy the pleasant Sun while enjoying the known ‘tapas’. As well, in turning to the Church of El Salvador can be found right on the square which leads not less than 5 bars of quality with watchmen, which ensures the presence continuous people and movement through the area.

  • 14 altarpieces of the interior:

Up to 14 are the altarpieces that are found in the interior of the chapel which include the altarpiece of the Santas Justa and Rufina, sisters who enjoy a Seville special veneration as its city of origin, also are considered the protectors of the Giralda and the Cathedral are the patrons of the city.

  • Headquarters of numerous brotherhoods:

Another element that underlines the importance of the Church of El Salvador is the large amount of sacramental brotherhoods that shelters, many of them made of penance during the Semana Santa de Sevilla. These are:

  1. Sacramental Brotherhood of Jesús de la Pasión that procession during Holy Thursday.
  2. Brotherhood of the Holy Jerusalem and Christ’s love that makes the station the Domingo de Ramos.
  3. Brotherhood of Nuestra Señora del Rocío.
  4. Brotherhood of our Lady of Antigua
  5. Brotherhood of Nuestra Señora del Prado.
  6. Brotherhood of master carpenters
  • Character member of the Church of El Salvador:

It not only hosts two of the most beautiful brotherhoods that procession in the Holy week of Seville which in addition, opening their doors symbolizes the beginning of this week so dear. Although not the first brotherhood that puts foot in the street, the triumphal entrance (first step of the brotherhood of love) is the first that comes into official career.

Because of the steps that have to travel to reach their gates square, extends a ramp which facilitates both the nazarenes and the images down. This ramp is one of the symbols of the Seville colleague, there are many expressions that speak of the desire to see her in reality referring to the desire for Easter.

How to see the Church of El Salvador?

Opening hours of the Church of El Salvador:

Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 18:30 to 20:45 hours; Sundays from 10:30 to 13:30 and from 19:00 to 20:45 hours.

Price entry into the Church of El Salvador:

2 euros

Hotel near the Church of El Salvador in Seville

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