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The Golden Tower

The Golden Tower

Maritime Museum

The Golden Tower in Seville is a tower that served for centuries defensive in the city.

36 meters high, the first body of the three that compose it dates back to the year 1220, when the Almohad Governor of Seville ordered its construction. The second was during the 14th century, by order of King Pedro I the cruel. The third body, cylindrical to difference of from the other two dodecagonales, was built in 1760.

The Tower of gold has come close to disappearing on several occasions and has been thanks to the defense that she made the people of Seville which has reached our days. This was the case after the fatal earthquake in Lisbon in 1760 in which was so pitiful state proposed its demolition. Or during the revolution of 1968, where revolutionaries sold parts of the wall to be financed. In both cases it was the fierce opposition of the inhabitants of the city.

In addition to have been built in three stages, the Torre del Oro has been restored in many occasions, being the last in 2005, so it presents an unbeatable State. After being a defensive Tower and prison, it houses the Maritime Museum of Seville from the year 1944. In the Museum the visitor can enjoy ancient letters of navigation, scale models, maritime or recorded instruments.

The name of Torre del Oro is identified with the popular belief that it was the building in charge of storing the gold brought from America. However this is false since the denomination is above, Muslim, and is due to the glow reflecting on the river due to coating of lime and pressed straw.

How to see the Tower of gold

Schedules to see the Tower of gold:

  • Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 19:00 h.
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 to 19:00 h.
  • Public holidays, closed.

Prices to see the Tower of gold:

  • Adults: €3
  • Children from 6 years, students and retired people accredited: €1,50
  • Monday the visit is free.

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